First Home Buyer Haven: Once in a Lifetime

  • Sarah and Simon Mansour are jubilant first home buyers celebrating their success at Brighton Lakes. Their advice to others is do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. For a short time a limited number of homes are priced at just $729,900, making them ideal for anyone eligible for the first home owners grant.

    Sarah and Simon Mansour had resigned themselves to years of weekend renovations, with plans to upgrade a “knock down” house when a serendipitous sign on the M5 changed their lives forever.

    “We were living with my parents, trying to save. We had spent years looking around the area, so we could be close to family, and all we could afford were old houses that should have been knocked down,” says Sarah.

    “One day Simon was driving on the M5 and saw a sign for Brighton Lakes. I’ll never forget the feeling when we realised that we could actually afford a new home – it was almost unbelievable.”

    Despite missing out on the first release at Brighton Lakes, the couple persevered and secured a Golf View Premium home at the second release. Sarah and Simon have now been living at Brighton Lakes for 12 months and still say they can’t quite believe how happy they are.

    The couple say that buying a Mirvac Ready Home off the plan is a really sensible option for first home buyers, as it means you only need a 10 percent deposit and gives you more time to save.

    “We saw the construction process as a financial advantage, in that it gave us more time. We also had a really detailed floorplan, so when we had some extra money for furniture we could buy pieces that perfectly fit our new rooms,” says Simon.

    After living with Sarah’s parents for so long, the couple love nothing more than being able to entertain them at their own home. They hosted Christmas, and Sarah a keen baker, used her new 900mm oven to bake a four tiered cake.

    “I know it might sound strange to be so excited about the oven, but because it is so big, it means I can bake four cakes at once,” she says.

    It is the design details, such as the oven, that continue to delight the Mansours in their new home.

    “We had a rough checklist of things we wanted when we were looking to buy, our new home has ticked every box and added so much more - we couldn’t be happier.” 

    For more information, contact the Brighton Lakes Sales Team.